Company Location Middleton, WI
Company Website http://Gilson%20Inc
Company Address 3000 Parmenter St

Since 1957, Gilson’s headquarters has been located in Middleton, WI. To expand the product portfolio, the company opened new Centers of Excellence in various regions. In 1963, Gilson opened a manufacturing facility, northeast of Paris, France. In 2013, Pure Lab Plastics, a laboratory plastics manufacturer, joined the Gilson organization and also in 2013, another manufacturing facility was opened in Vannes, France. Gilson has local sales and service teams that include a comprehensive distribution network in countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC).

Through the years, the company’s focus broadened from specialized instruments for physiological applications to solutions for liquid handling, purification, and extraction applications. Gilson specializes in translating manual processes into automated solutions, helping researchers to get scientific results faster, while improving the traceability and reproducibility of their experiments. Today, Gilson remains family owned, and manufactures purification systems, automated liquid handlers, pipettes (including the renowned PIPETMAN® brand of pipettes), fraction collectors, solid phase extraction (SPE) systems, detectors, injectors, and much more. From academia to industry, Gilson delivers high-quality, dependable solutions to researchers.

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