Senior Scientist – Process Development and Manufacturing

at Object Pharma
Location Madison, Wisconsin
Date Posted November 13, 2020
Category Bioscience
Job Type Full-time
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The Location: This position is located at Object Pharma in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Company: Object Pharma is a biotech company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California,
with manufacturing facilities in Madison, Wisconsin. Object is developing a pipeline of novel
neurotoxin products for aesthetic and therapeutic applications. We offer our employees
competitive compensation, a flexible, fast-paced environment, and the opportunity to learn a
diverse skill set in a growing company.

• Our employees have the unique opportunity to develop broad expertise in a small, inclusive
• We believe that every member is critical to building a strong company and generating
superior products.
The Position: We are looking for a Senior Scientist of Process Development and Manufacturing
to lead those activities in the production of clinical material. The ideal candidate will bring a
diverse set of skills to implement strategies for process development, process improvement,
process characterization, GMP manufacturing of drug substance (upstream and downstream)
and aseptic drug product manufacturing (fill-finish).


• Work with a team of multiskilled researchers to develop and manufacture
biopharmaceutical drug substance and drug product for therapeutic use.
• Investigate and develop new processes and new technologies for GMP production of
• Develop and implement protocols for microbial fermentation processes and protein
• Manage and perform work in Biological Safety Level (BSL) 2 and 3 environments.
• Work with other team members to implement requirements and documentation to
meet GMP standards.
• Train team members to work in a GMP environment and adhere to GMP requirements.
• Crosstrain in relevant areas to develop new skills and improve company capabilities.
• Perform other duties assigned from time to time to further company objectives.


• Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biochemical engineering, or a related field with 5+
years of experience in Upstream and or Downstream process development and GMP
manufacturing for biotherapeutics.
• Ability to work closely with a talented team of professionals to learn new skills across
specialties, troubleshoot scientific work and achieve project goals.
• Hands-on experience with development and optimization of microbial culture processes
for GMP production of protein therapeutics.
• Hands-on experience with chromatography techniques, membrane-based separations
and FPLC will be a plus.
• Experience with and knowledge of filtration methods used in protein purification, such
as depth filtration, diafiltration and concentration, charged based filtration and protein
precipitation methods.
• Knowledge of current protein detection and characterization techniques like SDS-PAGE,
ELISA, mass spectrometry, UV, visible and fluorescence spectrophotometry, and
capillary electrophoresis methods.
• Ability to mentor, develop, and manage reports.
• Physical ability to work routinely in a laboratory environment, including
walking/standing for long periods of time, using standard laboratory equipment, using
standard office equipment, and lifting up to 40 pounds.
• Employees must pass a background check and receive CDC approval to work with Select
Agents and toxins and must be willing to work with botulinum toxins. Previous CDC
approval is an advantage.


Applicants can send resumes to [email protected]